NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review

Posted on 11/10/2011 by Kev Guy

Last year, EA Sports revamped the Arcade classic NBA Jam releasing the new version for the Nintendo Wii, PS3 and Xbox. After major success EA have released NBA Jam: On Fire Edition which is available to download only at PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.

My initial thoughts were, “another NBA Jam so quickly, what more could they possibly add apart from an updated roster”.

Well there is plenty on offer to entice you into buying the On Fire Edition. Apart from the regular 30 NBA teams with an updated roster, there are a host of characters, mascots, legendary players and international players to be unlocked as you work yourself through the game. The game play feels more realistic and less robotic and the players themselves look more convincing and life like.

There are three main areas to explore, Jam Now, Road Trip & Online Arena. In the Jam Now section this is where you can play solo games, or team up with friends and play against each other or other gamers in online competitions. EA have worked on their online engine this time round as it actually works flawlessly unlike last year’s release where many gamers had endless amounts of trouble playing online.

Road Trip is where you play against the 30 NBA teams. You guide your selected team through various tasks unlocking Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges along the way.

Last up is the Online Arena. This is a where you play online against other gamers, the more wins you get under your belt you will be placed higher on the ranked leaderboards.

A few stand out features that have been added are, you can now switch between players while you play instead of only being able to control one player. There is also the ‘teams on fire’ feature which sets both your players of fire for a period of time when you score three alley-oops in a row. One last thing to mention are Jam Bucks, this is basically money you earn whilst playing the game. Jam Bucks can be used in the Jam Store to purchase various goods such as big head mode, teams and players.

Once again Tim Kitzrow provides the commentary, let’s be honest it wouldn’t be NBA Jam without him. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is a real gem and a must for any NBA fan and reasonably priced at 1200 Xbox points or £9.99 on Playstation 3. Just think, it will keep you occupied during the lockout.

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